About Us

The founders of Hawkhurst Invest have been at the heart of the financial industry for more than a decade.

They have looked to supplement and increase their own vast experience and skill set by building a team with a diverse knowledge range and expertise in the financial services and investment sectors.

Together the Hawkhurst Invest team has over 30 years of financial experience to dedicate to its clients, investing all of our knowledge into every single one of your investments.

We thoroughly research every investment that we offer to our clients, examining its potential for profit and diligently researching every area of every company or project before we offer them. We investigate the realistic potential yield of every investment, looking into the assumptions that make up the projected returns before we make an independent unbiased decision on the potential performance of any investment we suggest to a client.

When it comes to ethical and responsible investments we follow exactly the same process with exactly the same high level of diligence. A responsible investment is still an investment and therefore has to make good business sense.

However, such investments also have another side to them. We understand that more and more people feel strongly about responsible investments, and as a company we do, so we are constantly scouring the market to give our clients even more opportunities to grow their wealth responsibly with investments that make good financial sense.

At Hawkhurst Invest, our clients are important to us. We want to be able to give them regular updates and advice, assess their investment returns regularly and help them manage their investments and future wealth wisely. To that end, it is essential that our clients are always honest with us about their financial position, are happy to complete a pre requisite financial fact finder questionnaire and be prepared to openly discuss their financial history and current financial situation, as well as their future goals and aspirations.