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Property Investment: why the North is outperforming the South

The Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine projects means that there is £billions of investment capital being poured into the North and Midlands. That’s building infrastructure and driving economic growth in manufacturing, engineering and technology.

The Pros and Cons of Equity Release for Property Investment

Have you considered equity release for property investment? Raising capital to start your property investment portfolio can be difficult. You can use savings, you may have been willed a sum of money by a relative, or you may have a surplus income that you can use to get the necessary funds together. These are perfectly valid ways of raising finance, but your biggest asset- your home- may also be a route that you can take to generate capital.

Gavin’s Vlog Monday 4th May

Join us on 14th March at 3pm to hear from Darryl Thorpe from Zenzic who is our key loan note provider to run through what they are, how they work as an investment and what you can expect for your investment.

Property vs Pensions: Planning for your Retirement

The property vs pensions debate seems to have been going on since people realised they could retire. And there are strong arguments and advocates on both sides. So what you as an individual must consider is what is...

Three Top Reasons to Invest in the North East of England

The North East has what property investors might call a perfect combination of factors that make it an attractive proposition for investment: ● Low property prices ● High rental yields ● Good prospects for rising property prices in the future So those are the top...

What does the Coronavirus Outbreak mean for Property Investment

Understanding and navigating the risks and opportunities of today’s property investment marketplace It’s hard to know quite how to react to the daily reports of new infections and a soaring death rate across the globe, and now at home. No longer a Chinese problem, or...

Covid-19 Outbreak- Update

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues we have reviewed our business practices and have taken the decision to close our offices until Government advice deems it is safe for us to re-open. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t open for business however, and our team is...