Cash Flow Forecasting to Secure your Financial Future

Your opportunity to take an honest look at your current wealth, consider your aspirations and decide what you would like to achieve.

Do you worry about how you might manage?

Managing assets like your property investment portfolio and pension pots and fully understanding your level of financial security can be complex and daunting. But poor financial and retirement planning can cause stress and could put you and your family at risk.

Our Cash Flow Forecasting Solution offers you a way to make effective, long term decisions about your finances.

We will help you build a comprehensive financial strategy using our tried and tested methods. You will have peace of mind and be best placed to face life’s challenges, whatever they might be.

How does it work?

Using progressive financial planning practices we analyse your future financial cash flow position and identify areas where you are potentially financially at risk.

We present a personalised financial plan with a cash flow statement (what you earn and spend) and a consolidated balance sheet (what you own and owe). This includes any rental income, personal pensions, living expenses and so on. We stress test how different financial decisions about growth rates and inflation and other related events might impact on your financial security.

Our clients often ask us:

  • How much money do I need to retire and what will it cost me now to achieve it?
  • What are my financial goals and how can I put a plan in place to achieve them?
  • Is it possible to increase our spending now and will we still have sufficient money to keep us in comfort in our old age?
  • What happens to my family if I am unable to work or if I meet an untimely death?
  • Can I afford to send my children to private school or university? How will this affect my future standard of living?
  • How can we make the most of our financial resources to help us achieve what we want?
  • Are my investments in the right place and invested in a tax efficient way?
  • Can we afford to help our children or grandchildren get onto the property ladder?
  • How much inheritance tax is payable on my estate and what can I do to leave more of my assets to my heirs?
  • Can I afford to purchase a holiday home abroad?

Here’s our answer

Our cash flow forecasting report will provide answers to many of the questions you may have. It can produce a summary projection of your likely financial position at, and throughout, your various life stages.

It takes into account total assets, liabilities, regular and ad hoc expenditure, and inflation.

In short, we strive to establish whether you are on target to achieve your aims and objectives and the time required to do this.
Lifetime cash flow may give you the ability to retire early, sell a business, divorce with financial confidence, change career and generally feel more satisfied financially.

We start with a base plan and a consolidated balance sheet (what you own and owe) and cash flow statement (what you earn and spend). This represents the ‘here and now’ of your planning. For clients with a range of assets, the cash flow forecast presents a summary of these, together with your financial position, in one place.

Once our detailed analysis has been completed we can model all manner of scenarios, both planned and unplanned. Our Cash Flow Forecasting will give you a greater level of financial control. You will have an in depth understanding of your finances, and the potential to achieve your goals sooner.

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