If you want to Invest in property and create a portfolio that will maximise your investment – it’s all about diversifying the properties and areas you choose to buy into that will ensure the highly lucrative portfolio you aspire to.

Across the UK there are areas that will show advantages in different aspects of your investment. There are different property types that can be more profitable and less risk as well as properties that are occupied over long periods for a stable income on your investment.

Below are two examples –

Locations – When we choose to invest in certain areas we need to take into account the two aspects that create income – Rental Yield, which is an annual rental income conveyed as a percentage of the total property value, and Capital Growth, this is when your investment increases in value over time, adding to an already profitable property.

Investing in the North East at the moment will ensure High Yields and High Cash Flow from the rising house prices and rental prices – it’s quickly becoming one of the UK’s most popular areas to invest in.

Whereas the North West of England is showing high capital growth as the area is undergoing large scale investment from planned government and private sector investment.

By having properties in both locations, in the event of Market Correction or Recession, other properties elsewhere will continue to give you a monthly income.

Properties – Deciding the type of properties you wish to add to your portfolio follows along the same lines as the locations – the more diverse, the better.

Residential and buy to let properties refer to one paying tenant, which can include a family or a group. This can mean a long term stable income and tenants investing themselves in the maintenance and cleanliness of the home.

Then there are Mixed Use properties which are both commercial and residential, containing business/non-domestic and domestic areas. There may be more than one occupier creating two or more separate rents, this can mean less risk of having no income from the property.

Overall, any type of profitable property in an up and coming location is a good investment, but to create a great portfolio, you have to diversify incase you need to allow your stronger properties to work for the weaker ones, until they are back off the market.

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