With Christmas Day only around the corner, the presents under the tree, festive food and drink ready to consume and spending time with loved ones, this time of year signifies an end to the working proceedings for another calendar year of investment at Hawkhurst Invest.

Hawkhurst Invest have been working hard publicly and behind the scenes, over the past calendar year to bring our clients the very best investment opportunities on the market. We thoroughly and diligently research every opportunity, and only offer it to our clients should it meet the criteria of the Hawkhurst Invest standards.

The range of investment opportunities we offer to our clients have all passed through our stringent selection and screening process. We only recommend investments to our clients where we would be confident to invest our own money. We continually manage all investments, doing what is best for the client and their investment given their wishes and preferences.

2018 has also seen our company have a brand new rebrand! Hawkhurst Alternative Investments became Hawkhurst Invest, which has also seen us go from red to green.

The green effectively symbolises our go ahead into a future where we may appear different, but our processes remain the same; investing all of our knowledge into every single one of your investments. In addition the colour green represents new money, a coming of age rather than the red symbolising threat or danger.

We’ve also observed the wording and in the past, the ‘Alternative’ part of our branding was used for investing in property which was originally an alternative way for many of our clients to generate an extra income. However, our investments are now more mainstream so we decided to drop the word investment and replace it with a more open ‘invest’ term.

Not only that, but our regular property and tax seminars have increased, with a large amount of people attending as the months rolled on. Our last having a record number of attendees!

In 2019 we have some excellent opportunities coming up, with profitable loan notes, workshops and many more ideas for you to benefit and ultimately make a healthy profit from. Keep an eye on our Social Media channels to stay updated with what’s coming soon, as well as our seminars that will be announced shortly in the new year.

Our processes have proven to be successful for many looking for investment opportunities, whether you have a small or large portfolio, Hawkhurst Invest are on hand to help you achieve much more success in 2019!

Whether you’re new to the world of investments or not, Hawkhurst Invest is the answer!

At Hawkhurst Invest, our clients are important to us. We want to be able to give them regular updates and advice, assess their investment returns regularly and help them manage their investments and future wealth wisely.

To enquire about our services at Hawkhurst Invest, please either email us at admin@hawkhurstai.com or call us on 01245 947797. You can also fill out an enquiry form here.

On behalf of the fantastic, hard-working team at Hawkhurst, we would like to take the opportunity to say thanks to all our new and existing investors for their loyalty and business over 2018 and we also wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead – see you all soon!