The Grenfell Tower fire could have been avoided if building regulations had been reviewed, according to Housing & Safety experts.

After sometime passed since the devastation in June, it has opened the eyes of those in and around the housing market – buying, selling or letting.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has been requesting to the Government to take a closer look into the regulations, but reviews have some what been put on hold.

As a result, the Grenfell Tower disaster is a high profile example of not acting quickly enough. The fire that ripped through people’s homes within the Tower, killed at least 80 residents. Is it going to take another tragedy for action to be taken?

In the months after the Grenfell blaze, it was revealed that cladding attached to the outside of the building – aluminium composite sheets bonded to a polyethylene core – proved highly flammable in laboratory testing.

Residents currently living in Tower blocks throughout the country have become anxious and concerned at the lack of fire safety within their property. The building regulations simply had to be revised, due to new materials and building techniques regularly being introduced throughout homes.

With the anniversary of the 2001 September 11th’s tragic terror attacks also just passed, you’d hope that a full investigation into all tower blocks and general homes may be reviewed properly.

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The inquiry should look at why opportunities to implement learning that could have prevented the fire were missed, in order to ensure similar opportunities are acted on in the future.

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