Hawkhurst Invest are excited to be able to offer our clients a simply extraordinary investment opportunity in the trendy, up and coming Cultural Quarter – Agincourt.

The term Agincourt may resonate in your mind as the famous ‘Battle of Agincourt’, where Henry V and his band of merry men invaded Northern France and became victorious in the year 1415. However, fast forward a number of centuries and the only invasion known as Agincourt will be the excellent 2018 investment opportunity in the popular surrounding area in Leicester.

Leicester’s new development is in the heart of the city brimming with culture and history. These two bedroom apartments and penthouses will provide exceptionally spacious and highly luxurious living areas.

You will also find custom designed kitchens, fully integrated world class branded appliances, high quality bathroom suites, beautifully lighted rooms from the clever use of natural and electrical lighting.

Investing your money within property takes skill, experience and expertise and identifying areas of potential growth. This is the key to gaining excellent returns from your investments, the Agincourt location within Leicester could potentially generate the investment you have been craving.

The long term benefits of investing sooner rather than later are always there – more time, more additions to your portfolio – an established investment within Leicester offers stable income – overall, more secure and stable income, more overall wealth.  

At Hawkhurst Invest, we have the skills to identify these areas, and the experience and expertise to help our clients benefit from this initial analysis.

For any advice or if you’d like information on future investments such as Agincourt, you can call today on 0345 894 8441 or email the team on admin@hawkhurstai.com.