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It is always best to invest for the long term in property. However, if you buy well at the start then it is possible to make good short term gains with property. If you possess the correct property knowledge you are able to get the necessary head start.

There are two processes: the first involves the purchase of investment properties for cash to create an instant income and a property portfolio; the second (known as Gearing), uses other people’s money in the form of Buy-to-Let mortgages. It is worth remembering that a Buy-to-Let mortgage is paid by the tenant not you as it is paid from the rental income.

Your rental profit is the balance after all costs. It is also pretty definite that your rental income will rise in line with inflation whereas your mortgage repayments will more or less remain the same. So, over time, your rental profit from a property investment will increase. Gearing your property investments can increase your returns vastly.
Before you invest in property, it is worth asking yourself how many Buy-to-Let properties you would need to fund the lifestyle you desire in the future. Property investment can be whatever you want it to be, so cater your investments to your future plans. Once you have achieved your property investment goals you are then able to concentrate on living life as you want to live it.

You need to formulate an investment strategy. There is no need for complex property investment strategies; the best and simplest form of property investing is Value Investing.

A winning property investment strategy is all about performing a winning process over and over again over a period of time. So it is better to start with property investment basics and eradicate these notions of “quick fix” wealth ventures.

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