For the buy-to-let investor there is a huge demand for rentals within the city of Leicester, as we head into the new year of 2018. This is why the city is the next big investment opportunity for you to consider!

The city has a large student population from three universities. There is also a growing number of young professionals attracted by Leicester’s growth opportunities and buoyant local economy.

Leicester’s property prices are on a gradual increase, and offer attractive yields which places Leicester highly on the buy to let hotspots league, it is currently number five in the UK’s top property hot spots.

Here at Hawkhurst Alternative Investments, we are a part of the multi-million-pound development and regeneration of Leicester, making the city an investment hot spot and a great place to build and develop business.

Connecting Leicester focuses on improving transport links between areas of the city to make it a desirable destination for tourist and residents. Leicester has been rated as one of the UK’s highest profile and forward looking cities.

As a result, homes In Leicester generate 56% more enquiries than the average UK property, the city is also number five in the top property hotspots in the UK according to Zoopla. In addition to this, Leicester has the biggest growth in student housing owned by private landlords.

If that wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, renting within the areas of the East Midlands have grown 12% over the last ten years. In the shorter term, the next five years are predicted to forecast growth by 14%.

At Hawkhurst Alternative Investments we see the potential for growth in Leicester, we have the privilege to offer our investors an opportunity to secure properties in the heart of the city.

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