Over the next 15 years, it is expected that the city of Leicester will have grown it’s current population by 12 per cent. Many current local residents have benefited from a central location, booming economy and good commuting distance from the capital.

Details released by the local council predict that about 388,000 people will take residence in Leicester by 2031. With the current population at around the 350,000 mark, there will almost certainly be future plans for new housing developments to accommodate those thinking of reaping the benefits of living in the city.

The population is thought to be growing fast due to increasing life expectancy, immigration and the lure of the Leicester’s excellent location as a whole and what it has to offer.

At Hawkhurst Invest, we believe there should be planning for future growth at a level that recognises the whole of the greater Leicester built-up area, as well as the links to the wider county and Midlands.

With this in mind, we are committed as an investment company to bringing you a part of the multi-million-pound development that is set to regenerate the city of Leicester. Homes In Leicester generate 56% more enquiries than the average UK property, the city is also number five in the top property hot spots in the UK according to Zoopla.

You could be a part of the growth the city has to offer! At HawkhurstAI, we have the privilege to offer our investors an opportunity to secure properties in the heart of the city this new year of 2018.

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