Here at Hawkhurst Invest, we thoroughly research every investment that we offer to our clients, examining its potential for profit and diligently researching every area of each company or project before we recommend them. Our Library section enables us to share this research with you, containing news and advice so that you can make confident, informed decisions regarding our services. This section includes a range of topics including UK Property, Overseas Property, Sustainable Land, Property Mentoring and Cash Flow Forecasting, and much more. If we have any company updates that may be of interest to you, these will also be posted here. Our Library is updated often, so come back from time to time to see more news and advice posts.

Property Investment Seminar – 25th April

HAWKHURST INVEST PROPERTY SEMINAR MEETING THE MARYGREEN MANOR HOTEL LONDON ROAD BRENTWOOD 25th APRIL 2018 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM The month of April brings about a date of celebration of Easter festivities, indulging in egg shaped chocolate for young and old. Another tasty...

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Have Your Very Own Agincourt Victory

Hawkhurst Invest are excited to be able to offer our clients a simply extraordinary investment opportunity in the trendy, up and coming Cultural Quarter - Agincourt. The term Agincourt may resonate in your mind as the famous ‘Battle of Agincourt’, where Henry V and...

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Property Seminar Meeting – 24th January

HAWKHURST  INVEST PROPERTY SEMINAR MEETING THE MARYGREEN MANOR HOTEL LONDON ROAD BRENTWOOD 24th JANUARY 2018 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM Hawkhurst Invest has the privilege to offer its new and existing investors an opportunity to join us at our Property Investor Seminar at the...

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The Loan Note

A loan note is a type of financial instrument; it is a contract for a loan that specifies when the loan must be repaid and usually also the interest payable. It is similar to a promissory note but the differences can be significant in terms of consequences, especially...

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Property Investors – Advice For The Novice

Despite recent tax changes to the buy-to-let schemes undermining the appeal of property investment. We at Hawkhurst Alternative Investments would urge you not to entirely rule out property investment should you currently have your eye on the prize. In fact it could be...

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Our Doncaster Investment Opportunity

At Hawkhurst Alternative Investments we see the potential for growth in Doncaster, as a result we have the privilege to offer our investors an opportunity to secure homes in the heart of the busy market town. Property investment can be whatever you want it to be, so...

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