Doncaster has become a key part of growing a resilient, balanced local and regional economy – growing at around 0.2% a year, with house values that have risen by £2,328 (1.55%) to an average of £152,410 – Would you take a risk-free option?

The latest figures show that unemployment had been cut in near to half, with 53% in Doncaster able to find employment in what has been a tricky period for the country with Brexit still a topic on everyone’s lips – down to 5,255 from 11,217 since 2012 is a great statistic!

Doncaster provides a well connected location, there is a growing engineering, logistics and manufacturing sector – leading to steady growth in the labour and property markets creating even more jobs and attracting more buyers to the area.

Despite prices and rent price change happening, there are always gems in the market to be found – The question is where do you buy or rent a property within the Doncaster area – which is the most affordable and in a good location?

Postcodes in the Doncaster remit that fit within a solid current return/yield for families, first time buyers and Investors.

DN1 – £97,800.
DN2 – £122,900.
DN4 – £141,300.
DN5 – £138,400.

In terms of rent between the four postcodes, the details are as follows:

DN1 – average rent £421, expected yield of 5.17%.
DN2 – average rent £462, expected yield of 4.51%.
DN4 – average rent £482, expected yield of 4.09%.
DN5 – average rent £483, expected yield of 4.19%.

Judging by these results, the areas offering the largest expected yields are central areas – with postcodes further away from the city centre being much larger and rural properties.

Investing your money wisely takes skill, experience and expertise and identifying areas of potential growth is the key to gaining excellent returns from your investments.

At Hawkhurst Alternative Investments, we have the skills to identify these areas, and the experience and expertise to help our clients benefit from this initial analysis.

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