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Our people are what makes Hawkhurst Invest Successful.
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About Hawkhurst Invest

Our ambition is to help you achieve your financial freedom through property investment. Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in buy to let, buy to sell, loan notes, and all aspects of property investment.

We understand the opportunities and challenges that face property investors and work hard to help you realise the opportunities whilst mitigating the challenges. And we understand the stresses that come along with managing a successful property portfolio.

So much so, that our founder Gavin has set up a sister company Identity Resource to help people learn how to cope with everyday stresses and challenges.

Gavin Perrett

Job Role: Sales & Marketing Director

Gavin works with clients to build property portfolios with minimal risk and hassle. He uses his skills and industry experience to negotiate great below market value and off-market property investment opportunities with developers, pension funds, investment companies, and estate agents. His work with clients means that they are able to use property as an effective financial planning vehicle, and avoid making expensive mistakes in the property investment sector.

Gavin likes to keep fit by running and cycling. Music is a passion of his and he attends live music when he can and enjoys writing music and lyrics in his spare time. Personal Development is perhaps Gavin’s favourite activity with many weekends spent on courses further developing himself personally and professionally

David Liddle

Job Role: Operations Director


David’s expertise in the property sector lies in his ability to adopt a 360 degree approach to portfolio planning and management. David has an acute instinct for understanding where the challenge points fall within a property business and will actively encourage the entire power team including solicitors, mortgage brokers, letting agents, property developers and accountants to work collaboratively together and to help them all to understand the individual challenge points amongst them. The result of this approach is a connected power team assisting the client to grow their portfolio with confidence

David’s passion is centred squarely on client outcomes. Whether dealing with a nervous first time investor or an experienced portfolio landlord boasting 250 properties David’s approach will remain consistent. What does the client wish to achieve, by when and do they understand every aspect of what is to come, good, bad and indifferent? The client can then enter their relationship with us confdent and with expectations fully managed.

Out of Work:

Scout leader, Running, cycling & swimming. Adrenaline based challenges such as zip wiring & paragliding

Phil Campbell

Job Role: Operations Manager

Specialities: Administration, Cash Flow Forecasting, Marketing & Design

Phil loves property as an investment class, and works with clients by presenting the relevant data that clients need to make fully informed decisions in a clear and concise fashion.

Out of work: In his spare time Phil restores damaged and old photos, and enjoys woodwork & woodturning. He even makes his own pens for use in the office!

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