Hawkhurst Invest provide another excellent investment opportunity for you to feast your eyes on. We’re constantly on the lookout for great investment opportunities for our clients and the most recent development in Radcliffe, Manchester certainly ticks plenty of boxes!

The suburb in the city, is situated adjacent to Whitefield, one of the most affluent areas of North Manchester. As such, we are proud to present our latest development, consisting of two apartments left from the original 11 that were built in the heart of Radcliffe – it would be unwise to let this fantastic investment opportunity pass you by.

The two apartments in question, currently have tenants within the premises. However, the investment opportunity lies within the purchase prices.

When it comes to the property market, Manchester has seen a large rise in the property values throughout 2017. It has seen rising values of around 1.2%, which means the year-on-year rise is around the 7.4% mark.

According to a report compiled by HBSC, the average rental yield sits around the 7.98% mark, making Manchester home to some of the most competitively valued property prices that can be found anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Although the market remains steady, with prices increasing by 3.6% year-on-year, the yields that are being achieved on rented properties in the Manchester area are almost three times higher than in London and the surrounding areas.

With Manchester set to receive £68 million funding from the government to support and boost economic growth, there is no better time to invest in this great city.

Investing your money wisely takes skill, experience and expertise and identifying areas of potential growth is the key to gaining excellent returns from your investments.

At Hawkhurst Alternative Investments we have the skills to identify these areas, and the experience and expertise to help our clients benefit from this initial analysis.

We are constantly seeking new investment opportunities to create wealth for our clients. We thoroughly and diligently research every opportunity, and only offer it to our clients should it meet the criteria of the Hawkhurst Invest standards.

The range of investment opportunities we offer to our clients have all passed through our stringent selection and screening process. We only recommend investments to our clients where we would be confident to invest our own money. We continually manage all investments, doing what is best for the client and their investment given their wishes and preferences.

To enquire about purchasing these or any other of our properties,or to discuss any of our other services, please either email us at admin@hawkhurstai.com or call us on 01245 947797. You can also fill out an enquiry form at www.hawkhurstai.com/contact-us/