In August 2022 we published a blog about property investor personas. This important subject looks at personality profiles and how different people come into property investment.

We looked at how different people view their property portfolios, large or small, and their attitude to investment opportunities.

Once you, as a property investor, have one or more buy-to-let properties and some experience, how you view them, your experience, level of risk-taking, and so on is simpler to assess. You’re living your business after all.

But how do you figure out how your personality style fits in with property investment, and how can you gather the information that will help you to build a successful property investment business?

You may be at the beginning of your business or looking to expand. Wherever you are as a property investor, the more information that you can utilise to develop your business, the better. 

The property investor and personal assessment

There are numerous assessment tools available that can be used to assess various personality traits, professional behaviours, and so on. We work with our sister company Identity Resource to provide personality assessments as part of our business development services with new and existing clients. 

We use a system called DiSC profiling that was first proposed by William Moulton Marston in 1928

A brief background of William Moulton Marson

William Mouton Marson was a psychologist prominent in the 1920s and 1930s. He is best known for his work developing the systolic blood pressure test, and later on, utilising this in the polygraph test. Perhaps his most famous work was (believe it or not), creating Wonder Woman. In 1928 Marston proposed the DiSC Model of Behaviour in his book Emotions of Normal People.

Benefits of DiSC Profiling for Property Investors

In our blog #5 Property Investor Personas: Which one are You? We discover the personality types that make up the spectrum of property investors.

DiSC Profiling can take that to the next, scientific step, and identify exactly what your personality type is through DiSC personality tests. 

  • Understand your personality type
  • Find out how you could respond to risk
  • Through the DiSC assessment understand yourself so that you can apply a business model to your personality
  • Discover how you would respond to conflict
  • Develop stronger communications skills
  • Develop stronger interpersonal skills and make conflict more productive
With the data that DiSC profiling can provide, your business planning process can consider you and how you react to the world, as well as showing you where you can improve key skills.

We believe that property investment is a business, and should be treated as such. And remember, investment opportunities are broader than just buy-to-let. You could invest in loan notes, flip and renovation investments, HMOs, and other opportunities. Understanding yourself could help you to develop an investment strategy that gets the best from you, and gives the best to you.

The Hawkhurst Invest Proposition for Property Investors

Our team provides investment opportunities tailored to our property investor clients, to help you grow your portfolio. That goes without saying. But at the core of our business, our ambition is to see you achieve financial freedom. 

To achieve that aim we’ll work alongside you to help you develop your business that is far more than simply adding more properties or investments to your portfolio. We’ll work with you to help you develop a business that is sustainable and takes account of what and how you can achieve your goals. We’ll help you to become a professional, successful property investor.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced, and we work with a carefully chosen network of professionals whose experience you can draw upon to drive your business forward.