Have you ever come into a substantial amount of money, and not really known what to do with it? How about considering investing in property, it is said that it is one of the safest investments out there. This is because it has the potential to return you a fair amount of financial gain.

Here are some reasons why property is seen as the safest investment: 

  • Leverage – this is simply utilising debt to finance the acquisition of an asset. By using leverage you can increase the return on equity invested through obtaining a mortgage. Leverage allows investors to invest less money and see a higher return on investment. 


  • Capital growth – with property prices rising, a house you bought in 2011 for £200,000 would now be worth around £242,000. With monthly rental coming in on top of this, then surely investing in property is an opportunity you wouldn’t miss!


  • Tangible – you can actually see and touch the property you invested in which is a nice feeling. Compared to other forms of investment like stocks, you are only going to see things electronically. For some that doesn’t hold enough certainty, if you can’t touch the thing you invested your money into. 


  • Adding value – property a very easy thing to add value to. By refurbishing or adding an extension you are more likely to increase the properties overall value this will also bring it more attention from potential renters as you have spent the time and money making it look better. 

With property, you don’t necessarily have to rent the property out, you can choose to sell it at a later date for a higher price. But renting it out can give you some extra income on the side every month. 

Like everything, property investing does come with it’s risks. The price of property and the demand for rentals go up and down. But if you’re willing to wait, you can get through the slow months but then earn profits again when times are better.   

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