A Property Loan Note is a means of investment in the property market that provides an alternative to actually owning and managing property.

You may remember that we cancelled our series of workshops in March just before the lockdown started. We’re keen to continue sharing our knowledge and introducing our key supplies and business partners with you.

Join us on 14th May at 3pm to hear from Darryl Thorpe from Zenzic who is our key property loan note provider to run through what they are, how they work as an investment and what you can expect for your investment.

We hope that you benefit from the education and support that we can provide while we’re in lockdown.

Gavin Perrett is vlogging during Covid-19

To keep the session intimate and interactive we will be running this and future virtual presentations in groups of 12 only.

So to find out more get in touch to reserve your space!

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