Property Management

Supporting your Property
Investments so that you can
Grow your Business

Whether you have a single property or a larger portfolio, getting the right property
management in place can make the difference between a successful relationship
with your tenants, or costly, time-consuming challenges.


Who is it for:

75% of our investors take advantage of the services that our property management partner provides and feedback is always positive.

Experience and Credentials:

Leef Property Group comes with an impeccable reputation in the field of property management and lettings, and has built up a network of partners, developers and clients over the years. We carry out our own due dilligence on our partners, so if we weren’t comfortable with their experience and track record we wouldn’t recommend them.

Areas Covered:

We believe that the North and Midlands are areas with significant property investment opportunities, and our partnership with Leef Property Group means that your property management needs are in good hands.


How to Access this service:

As a property investor with us, we are happy to make the introduction to Leef Property Group on your behalf, and have an initial conversation with the team so that when you get in touch they understand exactly who you are and the services that you may need.

Property Management

Managing a property comes with numerous challenges including legal requirements from health and safety in the home, to legal responsibilities to your tenants. We recommend that investors employ the skills of an experienced property management professional to help navigate the challenges that can arise.

The team at Hawkhurst Invest is experienced in the challenges facing buy to let landlords, and we will always offer advice and guidance on how to approach property management. In fact, our financial forecasting for investment properties includes the costs of property management so that you can see how it impacts your bottom line.

Whether you are thinking of starting a property investment business or are an experienced professional, we will provide you with an honest appraisal of your objectives and how to meet them, and of course one of the key areas for discussion is utilising a property management service to look after your properties and your tenants.

What Our Clients Say

The high level of service and passion to ensure the best deal was achieved and best advice given.

A great firm knowledgeable, friendly and is amazing at explaining their products to the un trained ear.

The team was infinitely helpful with obtaining my first mortgage deal and then remortgaging two years later.