At Hawkhurst Invest, we are trusted advisors and organisers of property investment opportunities to investors with up to 225 properties and everything in between to new investors.

Subsequently, as you can appreciate, our experience is vast. It is tried, tested and proven time and time again.

In a recent email of ours, we explained the benefits of new build property investments. And why gearing with the use of a mortgage is often a better option compared with investing cash into fixing an older property that does or may need some work.

If you prefer the idea of buying an older property, then most of our investors tend to look at an already refurbished property as you can get some great deals and excellent yields, with the benefit of an unlikely need to spend money on unexpected costs.

Furthermore, as the builder or previous owner has invested into getting the property up to scratch, you can buy a ‘ready’to-let’ product whilst utilising a mortgage and the benefits this offers in terms of leverage.

As we have a long list of investors who are constantly in need of more investment options, we do have a selection of refurbished properties that are available for you to buy, from a selection of reputable building companies we know and trust.

Our long history and relationship with any developer or builder ensure we and our clients are well looked after. Obviously, this is how we generate so much repeat business.

Subsequently, if you would like to make great use of your investment resources, give us a call on 01245 947 797 or you can send us an email via to discuss your plans, desires and answer any further questions you may have.

Lastly, we are a people-focused business and more than happy to meet with you in person at our offices, your home or preferred location such as a coffee shop.

We look forward to hearing from you.