We believe that our clients will achieve the best yields and returns on professionally refurbished and managed properties.

While buying at below market prices can have its advantages, many of our clients don’t want the hassle of refurbishment, property maintenance or finding, vetting and managing tenants.

To that end, we provide a very specialist service that means our clients can enjoy the best returns on their property investment without the hassle. All of our stock is purchased by our partners and refurbished to a high standard before a tenant is placed in the property. The property will be rented out for three months before it is made available for an investor to purchase. We encourage potential investors to visit the area, view the property and talk to the tenant for additional reassurance and peace of mind.

Furthermore, with properties available from as little as £60,000 and achieving a sustainable rent of £350 per month, even first-time buyers can position themselves on the property ladder whilst taking advantage of living at home with family of friends or renting closer to home, having purchased a property in a less-expensive part of the country on a buy to let basis. These properties will also be managed by our partners, again providing you with peace of mind and hassle-free ownership.

Please note that this product is not regulated by the FCA.